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Sta-Kleen® Performance Fabric - Faux Leather Upholstery

Sta-Kleen® Performance Fabric is a revolution in faux leather upholstery -- the first erasable urethane fabric. Sta-Kleen offers permanent protection, created with a proprietary bonding process inherent in the manufacturing process of the product. It is not a topical application: it will last the lifetime of the upholstery.

Sta-Kleen is truly cleanable, the first urethane upholstery to handle permanent marker and ballpoint pen. Sta-Kleen will remove tough stains including ketchup, yellow mustard and nail polish. Sta-Kleen easily cleans lotions, creams and topical antiseptics that would stain conventional urethane upholstery forever. Sta-Kleen can be cleaned over and over without surface damage.

Sta-Kleen Performance Fabric creates new possibilities for hospitality, commercial, healthcare and residential furniture markets with the industry's premier performance fabric. Sta-Kleen's stain protection is perfect for high-traffic areas where style and design are as important as the performance of the urethane upholstery.

What Does Sta-Kleen Performance Fabric Mean for You?

Sta-Kleen is Durable - It equals or surpasses the industry standards for strength (flex resistance, grab tensile, and trap tear), abrasion, hydrolysis, and UV stability.

Sta-Kleen is Safe - It is anti-bacterial, mildew resistant, and VOC and phthalate free. It also meets state and federal flammability requirements.

Sta-Kleen Looks Great - A whole new world of fashion forward patterns and colors are available, suitable for both commercial and residential uses, which will continue to look great for the life of the furniture.

Sta-Kleen Feels Wonderful - it is the one true erasable urethane upholstery with the hand and tactile feel closest to real leather.